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Twisting Scoops Shark Tank India Season 2

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Twisting Scoops Shark Tank India Season 2 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Twisting Scoops Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 128 with company details

Twisting Scoops

The first Turkish ice cream company in India is called Twisting Scoops. With more than 30 outlets spread throughout more than 20 cities, they are present in four countries. Since they began operations in 2015, they have expanded from Turkey to Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Founder of Twisting Scoops

Turkish ice cream derived from goat milk is sold by the ice cream chain Twisting Scoops. Manmeet Singh Batra and Kunwarpreet Singh Juneja, childhood friends, founded the company in 2016.

Twisting Scoops Funding Round

Company Name

Twisting Scoops

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Twisting Scoops


Asia’s largest turkish ice cream chain

Original Ask

1 Crore for 2.5% Equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the core of Twisting Scoops' pitch was the fusion of tradition and innovation, blending the rich heritage of Turkish ice cream-making techniques with modern-day consumer preferences and trends. By offering a diverse range of flavors, incorporating theatrical serving methods, and prioritizing customer engagement, Twisting Scoops aimed to elevate the ice cream consumption experience to new heights.

The Pitch:

Twisting Scoops entered the tank with a scoopful of ambition, aiming to revolutionize the ice cream industry by introducing the flavors and flair of Turkish ice cream to Asia. With an original ask of 1 Crore for 2.5% equity, Twisting Scoops envisioned creating an immersive and entertaining ice cream experience that would captivate customers and leave them craving for more.

The Deal:

Despite the allure of their concept and the potential for widespread appeal, Twisting Scoops left the tank without securing a deal. While the sharks recognized the novelty and creativity behind Twisting Scoops' idea, concerns may have arisen regarding market saturation, scalability challenges, or competitive differentiation in the fiercely competitive ice cream industry.


Twisting Scoops' appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 40 serves as a testament to the power of ambition, creativity, and passion in driving entrepreneurial endeavors. While their pitch may not have resulted in a deal, Twisting Scoops' commitment to delivering delightful ice cream experiences and embracing cultural diversity remains unwavering, inspiring ice cream enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike to dream big and chase their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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