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MyByk Shark Tank India Season 2

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MyByk Shark Tank India Season 2 Got No Deal from the sharks.

MyByk Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 165 with company details


Arjit Soni established MYBYK in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in May 2014.

Founder of MyByk

An app on a smartphone can be used to hire MYBYK bicycles.

MyByk Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Public bicycle sharing service

Original Ask

2 Crore for 1% Equity 


No Deal

Invested By:


MyByk's idea centered around providing a network of bicycles stationed at strategic locations across cities, enabling users to rent and return bikes at their convenience. By leveraging smartphone technology and mobile apps, they aimed to streamline the rental process, allowing users to locate, unlock, and pay for bikes seamlessly. Their service addressed common transportation challenges such as traffic congestion, parking shortages, and environmental pollution, making cycling an accessible and sustainable option for urban mobility.

The Pitch:

In this episode, MyByk presented their innovative concept of a public bicycle sharing service. Seeking an investment of 2 Crore for a 1% equity stake in their company, they aimed to revolutionize urban transportation by offering a convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable alternative to traditional modes of commuting. Their service targeted city dwellers, commuters, and tourists looking for efficient ways to navigate urban areas while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Deal:

Despite the potential benefits of their public bicycle sharing service, MyByk left the tank without securing a deal. The sharks may have had concerns about the scalability and profitability of the business model, competition from existing transportation alternatives, or the valuation proposed by the entrepreneurs. Additionally, they may have sought further validation of the demand for bike-sharing services and the effectiveness of MyByk's marketing and operational strategies.


MyByk's vision to revolutionize urban transportation through public bicycle sharing reflects their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and social impact. While they did not secure investment during their pitch, their appearance on Shark Tank serves as a valuable platform to raise awareness, generate interest, and attract strategic partnerships for future growth and success in the emerging market of shared mobility solutions.

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