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BluePine Industries Shark Tank India Season 1

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BluePine Industries Shark Tank India Season 1

BluePine Industries

Pitch no 1 with company details

BluePine Foods Private Limited

BluePine Foods Private Limited is a well-known company in the industry that was founded in 2016. They are engaged in the production of a broad variety of food items, including frozen vegetable momos, frozen spring rolls, and frozen non-vegetable momos. Their esteemed customers greatly value the variety of items they offer because of their excellent taste, excellent health, excellent nutrition, and high quality, among other attributes. They have assembled a group of committed employees that handle business-related tasks in a well-organized way. Their team produces high-quality items in the market by utilising the most recent techniques and premium ingredients. They receive quality-tested materials from their sources.

Founder & CEO: Mrs. Aditi Bhutia Madan

BluePine Foods’ Founder is Mrs Aditi Bhutia Madan from West Bengal’s Darjeeling where she was born and raised. Aditi Madan participated in the third season of MasterChef India She pitched their Darjeeling Momos on the shark tank India show which they sell via both B2B and D2C channels. These Momos are made from natural Himalayan ingredients and contain no preservatives, with a shelf life of more than 4 months.

BluePine Foods Private Limited Funding Round

Company Name

BluePine Foods Private Limited

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



BluePine Foods Private Limited


Frozen Momos

Original Ask

50Lakhs for 5% Equity


75 Lakhs for 16% Equity

Invested By:

Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta

The premiere episode of Shark Tank India Season 1 brought forth a groundbreaking pitch that left both the investors and viewers intrigued. BluePine Foods Private Limited, the brainchild of ambitious entrepreneurs, stepped into the tank with a unique idea – Frozen Momos. Let's delve into the details of this exciting episode and the deal that secured the future of BluePine Foods.

The Pitch:

BluePine Foods, represented by its passionate founders, entered the tank seeking an investment of 50 lakhs for a 5% equity stake in their business. The entrepreneurs were on a mission to revolutionize the frozen food industry with their delicious and convenient frozen momos. The Sharks were immediately captivated by the idea, and the negotiation began

The Deal:

After a series of questions, negotiations, and taste tests, the entrepreneurs managed to strike a deal with not one but three Sharks – Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, and Aman Gupta. The deal involved an investment of 75 lakhs in exchange for a 16% equity stake in BluePine Foods. The founders were thrilled to have secured the support and expertise of these seasoned investors.

Investors Behind BluePine Foods:

Ashneer Grover: Known for his strategic business acumen and financial expertise, Ashneer Grover saw immense potential in BluePine Foods. His experience in scaling businesses made him an ideal partner for the ambitious entrepreneurs.

Vineeta Singh: As the co-founder of a successful beauty and skincare brand, Vineeta Singh brought a wealth of knowledge in brand building and marketing. Her involvement signaled a promising future for BluePine Foods in terms of market visibility and consumer appeal.

Aman Gupta: Aman Gupta, with his background in finance and investment, added another layer of financial wisdom to the deal. His strategic insights promised to guide BluePine Foods on the path to sustainable growth.


The debut of BluePine Foods Private Limited on Shark Tank India Season 1 marked a memorable moment in the show's history. The entrepreneurs' innovative concept, combined with the expertise and investment from Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, and Aman Gupta, sets the stage for BluePine Foods to make a significant impact in the frozen food industry.

As viewers eagerly anticipate the progress of BluePine Foods post-Shark Tank, one thing is certain – the journey of these entrepreneurs has just begun, and the frozen momo revolution is underway! Stay tuned for more updates as BluePine Foods embarks on an exciting chapter with the support of its newfound Shark Tank investors.

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