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Intense Focus Shark Tank India Season 3

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Intense Focus Shark Tank India Season 3 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Intense Focus Shark Tank India Season 3

Pitch no with company details

Intense Focus

The brand Intense Focus enjoys a very reputable position across the globe thanks to its sharp intellect, unclouded conscience, and strong desire to change the world. The brand has made significant progress in the global eyewear market thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, which are supported by an in-house designing department, as well as rock-solid production, quality assurance, packaging, and dispatching departments. The brand is humbled by the positive feedback and warm responses from its prestigious clientele.

Founder of Intense Focus

Intense Focus was founded by Manish Ashokbhai Chauhan.

Intense Focus Funding Round

Company Name

Intense Focus

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Intense Focus


Design Focused Eyewear

Original Ask

5 Crores for 5% equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the core of Intense Focus's pitch was a commitment to elevating eyewear beyond its traditional role. Their frames were meticulously crafted to not only enhance vision but also to make a statement. By blending innovative design elements with high-quality materials, Intense Focus aimed to cater to individuals seeking eyewear that seamlessly merges style with functionality. Their goal was to empower customers to express their unique personality through their choice of eyewear

The Pitch:

Intense Focus entered the tank with a bold proposition: to revolutionize eyewear by merging impeccable design with functionality. Their pitch emphasized the importance of eyewear as not just a vision aid, but also a fashion statement and self-expression. With a dazzling array of frames showcasing cutting-edge design and premium materials, Intense Focus sought to capture the attention of both the Sharks and consumers alike. Their original ask of 5 Crores for a 5% equity stake reflected their confidence in the value of their brand and its potential for growth.

The Deal:

Despite the allure of Intense Focus's concept and the impressive quality of their eyewear, the Sharks opted not to invest in the company at this time. While they may have acknowledged the potential of Intense Focus, they likely had concerns about market saturation, scalability, or other factors influencing their decision. As a result, Intense Focus left the tank without securing a deal.


Intense Focus's journey on Shark Tank India showcased the challenges and opportunities inherent in the fashion and eyewear sectors. Despite the setback of not securing investment on the show, Intense Focus persisted in their quest to redefine eyewear design. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success. While their path may have diverged from the tank, Intense Focus continues to inspire with their visionary approach to eyewear design.

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