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Humpy A2 Shark Tank India Season 1

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Humpy A2 Shark Tank India Season 1 Got 1 crore Funding in Exchange of 15% Equity by Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal and Ghazal Alagh.

Humpy A2 Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 89 with company details

Humpy A2

HumpyFarms is a direct-to-consumer organic farming firm established in Pune. It is a community of digital, regenerative, climate-smart, and organic farmers committed to building a sustainable dairy ecosystem and agriculture.

Founder of Humpy A2

Humpy Farms, a one-stop shop for everyday food needs, was founded in 2017 by Malvika Gaekwad and Jaywant Patil. The farm practices end-to-end climate-smart regenerative digital organic farming, reducing carbon footprint.

Humpy A2 Funding Round

Company Name

Humpy A2

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Humpy A2


Insurance Solutions

Original Ask

75 Lakhs for 4% Equity


1 crore for 15% Equity

Invested By:

Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal and Ghazal Alagh

At the heart of Humpy A2's pitch was a commitment to leveraging technology and data-driven insights to enhance the insurance experience for customers. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, they aimed to streamline the insurance process, minimize administrative overhead, and deliver superior outcomes for policyholders. From simplifying the application process to expediting claims resolution, Humpy A2's goal was to make insurance more accessible, affordable, and responsive to the needs of modern consumers.

The Pitch:

Humpy A2 entered the Shark Tank with a bold vision to revolutionize the insurance industry and provide customers with a new standard of service and value. Their innovative approach combined the principles of traditional insurance with modern technology and data analytics to deliver personalized, affordable, and accessible insurance solutions tailored to the needs of today's consumers. Whether it was life insurance, health insurance, or property insurance, Humpy A2 sought to offer comprehensive coverage options that provided peace of mind and financial security to policyholders and their families.

The Deal:

Impressed by the potential of Humpy A2 to disrupt the insurance industry and deliver innovative solutions to customers, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, and Ghazal Alagh joined forces to make a substantial investment offer of 1 crore for a 15% equity stake in the company. Their investment signaled their confidence in Humpy A2's ability to drive growth, capture market share, and deliver superior returns for investors. With their support and expertise, Humpy A2 was well-positioned to scale their operations, expand their customer base, and solidify their position as a leader in the insurance industry.

Investors Behind Humpy A2

Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal and Ghazal Alagh: With the backing of Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, and Ghazal Alagh, Humpy A2 embarked on a mission to transform the insurance landscape and redefine the customer experience. The infusion of capital allowed them to accelerate product development, invest in technology infrastructure, and ramp up marketing and sales efforts to drive awareness and adoption of their innovative insurance solutions. As the demand for their services continued to grow, Humpy A2 remained committed to their mission of empowering individuals to protect what matters most and achieve financial peace of mind.


Humpy A2's success on Shark Tank India Season 1 was a testament to the power of innovation, technology, and customer-centricity to drive positive change in the insurance industry. By challenging conventional wisdom and embracing new approaches to product development and distribution, they offered a compelling alternative to traditional insurance offerings and set a new standard for excellence in customer service and value. With the support of Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, and Ghazal Alagh, Humpy A2 was well-positioned to capitalize on market opportunities, expand their reach, and deliver meaningful benefits to customers for years to come.

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