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HooVu Fresh Shark Tank India Season 2

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HooVu Fresh Shark Tank India Season 2 Got 1 Crores Funding in Exchange of 2% Equity by Aman Gupta and Peyush bansal.

HooVu Fresh Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 1 with company details

HooVu Fresh

HooVu Fresh is a flower delivery firm situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India that offers fresh flowers and incense via subscription.

Founder of HooVu Fresh

Rhea Karuturi and Yeshoda Karuturi launched the company in 2019, and it has since grown to serve consumers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. To provide the greatest quality flowers for their consumers, HooVu Fresh has collaborated with local farmers to send the flowers as soon as they are harvested.

HooVu Fresh Funding Round

Company Name

HooVu Fresh

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



HooVu Fresh



Original Ask

80 Lakhs for 1% Equity


1 crore or 2% Equity

Invested By:

Aman Gupta and Peyush bansal

At the core of HooVu Fresh's pitch was a commitment to offering customers premium-quality flowers coupled with exceptional service. Their business model aimed to streamline the process of purchasing flowers, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for customers. Whether for weddings, special events, or everyday occasions, HooVu Fresh aimed to be the go-to destination for floral needs, providing an extensive selection of blooms and arrangements to suit every taste and budget.

The Pitch:

HooVu Fresh stepped into the tank with a vision to revolutionize the flower industry. Their idea focused on providing customers with fresh, vibrant flowers for various occasions and events. With an original ask of 80 Lakhs for 1% equity, HooVu Fresh sought investment to scale their operations, enhance their distribution network, and introduce innovative concepts to the floral market.

The Deal:

HooVu Fresh's pitch struck a chord with the Sharks, leading to a successful deal. Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal recognized the potential of HooVu Fresh and offered a deal of 1 crore for 2% equity, providing the necessary capital to fuel the company's growth and expansion plans. The partnership marked a significant milestone for HooVu Fresh, propelling them towards greater success in the competitive floral market.

Investors Behind HooVu Fresh

Aman Gupta and Peyush bansal: With the backing of Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal, HooVu Fresh embarked on a journey of accelerated growth and development. The infusion of capital allowed them to expand their operations, enhance their product offerings, and strengthen their position in the market. Armed with the support of experienced investors, HooVu Fresh continued to bloom and thrive in the floral industry.


HooVu Fresh's appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 1 showcased the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation present in the floral industry. Their successful pitch and subsequent deal underscored the potential for growth and success in offering premium-quality flowers and exceptional service to customers. As they continued to flourish under the guidance of their investors, HooVu Fresh served as an inspiring example of entrepreneurial success in the world of flowers.

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