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Namakwali Shark Tank India Season 3

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Namakwali Shark Tank India Season 3 Got 10 Lakhs Funding in Exchange of 5% Equity with 40 Lakhs in debt at 8% interest for 3 years by Amit Jain.

Namakwali Shark Tank India Season 3

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“Namakwali” translates to “girl/women with salt”. Shashi Bahuguna Raturi launched this initiative with a paln in an effort to empower women via their culinary abilities and increase awareness of the (Pahadi) Mountain cuisine. She made the decision to work with Mahila Nav Jagran Samiti, an NGO based in Dehradun, to create and distribute her salt in all of its flavors across the country.

Founder of Namakwali

Namakwali is a brand of flavorful, organic salts owned by Shashi Raturi. She started this endeavor by enlisting the help of women from all around her state and giving them hand-ground pahadi salt, which is produced using a traditional stone grinder (called a sil batta).

Namakwali Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


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traditional food

Original Ask

50 Lakhs for 5% equity


10 Lakhs for 5% equity with 40 Lakhs in debt at 8% interest for 3 years

Invested By:

Amit Jain

At the heart of Namakwali's pitch was a commitment to preserving the authentic flavors and culinary traditions of India. Their carefully crafted dishes, prepared using fresh ingredients and age-old techniques, aimed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort in every bite. Namakwali's goal was not just to sell food but to create memorable dining experiences that brought people together and celebrated the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

The Pitch:

Namakwali entered the tank with a mission to celebrate the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine by offering a range of traditional dishes and delicacies. Their idea was to provide customers with a taste of home-cooked meals made from time-honored recipes passed down through generations. With an original ask of 50 Lakhs for 5% equity, Namakwali sought investment to scale their operations, expand their product line, and introduce their offerings to a wider audience.

The Deal:

Namakwali's pitch resonated strongly with Amit Jain, who recognized the potential of their business model and the enduring appeal of traditional cuisine. He offered a deal of 10 Lakhs for 5% equity, coupled with 40 Lakhs in debt at 8% interest for 3 years, providing Namakwali with the necessary capital to expand their operations and reach new customers. This partnership marked a significant milestone for Namakwali, enabling them to preserve and promote the culinary heritage of India on a larger scale.

Investors Behind Namakwali

Amit Jain: With the backing of Amit Jain, Namakwali embarked on a journey to bring the flavors of tradition to every household across India. The infusion of capital allowed them to enhance their production capabilities, invest in marketing and distribution channels, and innovate their product offerings to meet the evolving tastes of consumers. Armed with the support of a dedicated investor, Namakwali continued to spread joy and nostalgia through their delicious traditional food.


Namakwali's appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3, Episode 35 showcased the enduring appeal of traditional cuisine and the power of food to evoke emotions and memories. Their successful pitch and strategic partnership with Amit Jain underscored the importance of preserving culinary heritage in a rapidly changing world. As they continued to grow and thrive, Namakwali stood poised to become a beloved household name, serving up nostalgia and flavor one meal at a time.

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