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SPEC OPS Shark Tank India Season 3

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SPEC OPS Shark Tank India Season 3 Got 40 Lakhs Funding in Exchange of 2% Equity with 40 Lakhs in debt at 12% interest for 2 years by Aman Gupta and Amit Jain.

SPEC OPS Shark Tank India Season 3

Pitch no with company details


Spec Ops designs items specifically for military use, with the goal of giving soldiers the best possible comfort and performance. The company’s signature product is Lycra fabric, which has pockets positioned thoughtfully for easy access to necessities and unmatched stretchability. Serving more than 16 lakh soldiers is Spec Ops’s mission, making it a leader in its field.

Founder of SPEC OPS

Spec Ops was founded by retired Special Forces member Major Anil Kumar Malik. “I feel lucky and proud to have been able to serve the country,” he declares. I participated in a number of missions, including the Kargil War-related operations Parakram, Rakshak, and Vijay. I had the chance to train with US special forces in 2002.

SPEC OPS Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Tactical clothing for Military

Original Ask

80 Lakhs for 2% Equity


40 Lakhs for 2% Equity + 40 Lakhs Debt @ 12% for 2 years

Invested By:

Aman Gupta and Amit Jain

At its core, SPEC OPS' concept represented a fusion of technology, craftsmanship, and military expertise, aimed at equipping warriors with superior gear for mission-critical operations. By leveraging insights from active-duty personnel, rigorous testing protocols, and continuous innovation, SPEC OPS sought to redefine the paradigm of tactical clothing, setting new benchmarks for quality, functionality, and reliability in the defense industry.

The Pitch:

SPEC OPS presented a compelling vision to enhance the functionality, durability, and adaptability of tactical clothing for military personnel. Their innovative designs incorporated state-of-the-art materials, advanced construction techniques, and ergonomic features tailored to the rigorous demands of modern combat environments. With a focus on performance, comfort, and versatility, SPEC OPS aimed to elevate the standards of tactical gear and empower soldiers with the tools they need to excel in the field.

The Deal:

SPEC OPS' pitch resonated strongly with the sharks, leading to a strategic investment from Aman Gupta and Amit Jain. The deal, comprising 40 Lakhs for 2% equity, along with an additional 40 Lakhs debt at 12% interest for 2 years, underscored the sharks' confidence in SPEC OPS' ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to military customers and drive sustainable growth in a competitive market.

Investors Behind SPEC OPS

Aman Gupta and Amit Jain: With the backing of Aman Gupta and Amit Jain, SPEC OPS is well-positioned to accelerate its product development initiatives, expand its market presence, and strengthen its partnerships with defense agencies worldwide. By leveraging their investment to enhance manufacturing capabilities, streamline distribution channels, and invest in research and development, SPEC OPS can solidify its reputation as a trusted provider of premium tactical gear and secure its place as a leader in the global defense industry.


SPEC OPS' successful pitch on Shark Tank India Season 3, Episode 42 highlights the critical role of innovation in meeting the evolving needs of military personnel. By leveraging technology, design expertise, and a deep understanding of end-user requirements, SPEC OPS embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence, driving positive change in the defense sector and ensuring that soldiers have the tools they need to succeed on the battlefield.

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