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Conscious Chemist Shark Tank India Season 3

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Conscious Chemist Shark Tank India Season 3 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Conscious Chemist Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 3 with company details

Conscious Chemist

We are a skincare brand that focuses on performance. Our products are powered by cutting-edge skincare technology, and each is formulated with safe actives at ideal percentages for maximum efficacy.

Founder of Conscious Chemist

Conscious Chemist was founded and is currently led by Robin Gupta. Robin previously worked for Yumchek as a Business Development Manager.

Conscious Chemist Funding Round

Company Name

Conscious Chemist

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Conscious Chemist


Role of chemistry in our lives

Original Ask

60 Lakhs for 2% equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the heart of Conscious Chemist's pitch lay a dedication to demystifying chemistry and highlighting its positive impact on society. Their platform served as a hub for exploring the role of chemistry in everyday life, offering engaging content, interactive experiences, and educational resources. By fostering a deeper understanding of chemistry and its applications, Conscious Chemist aimed to empower individuals to make informed choices and appreciate the beauty of science in action

The Pitch:

Conscious Chemist entered the tank with an enlightening proposition: to showcase the significance of chemistry in shaping our world and enhancing our experiences. Their pitch underscored the ubiquitous presence of chemistry in various aspects of life, from food and health to beauty and the environment. With a commitment to education and awareness, Conscious Chemist aimed to captivate the Sharks and secure the investment needed to expand their platform and reach a wider audience. Their original ask of 60 Lakhs for a 2% equity stake reflected their confidence in the value of their brand and its potential for growth.

The Deal:

Despite the intriguing nature of Conscious Chemist's concept and the potential for widespread impact, the Sharks opted not to invest in the company at this time. While they may have recognized the importance of science education and awareness, concerns about market viability, scalability, or other factors may have influenced their decision. As a result, Conscious Chemist left the tank without securing a deal.


Conscious Chemist's journey on Shark Tank India highlighted the importance of science literacy and the potential of chemistry to enrich our lives. Despite the setback of not securing investment on the show, Conscious Chemist's commitment to education and awareness continued to inspire. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of curiosity, knowledge, and unwavering dedication in the pursuit of enlightenment and progress. While their path may have diverged from the tank, Conscious Chemist's journey to illuminate the wonders of chemistry remains ongoing.

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