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SoupX Shark Tank India Season 2

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SoupX Shark Tank India Season 2 Got 50 Lakhs Funding in Exchange of 18% Equity with 25 Lakhs in debt at 12 % interest by Vineeta Singh.

SoupX Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 6 with company details


In India, a company called SoupX is setting the standard for nutritious dinner options. Being the first healthy meal brand in the nation, their goal is to help consumers easily make the switch to a healthier lifestyle by offering fresh, wholesome meals at reasonable prices.

Founder of SoupX

SoupX, founded by Uttam Kumar and Priyank Jain, is aware of how difficult it can be to eat healthily, particularly when looking for solutions that are tasty, quick, and reasonably priced. They have so put a lot of effort into developing a selection of soup-based meals that satisfy each of these requirements.

SoupX Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Healthy Soups and Soup-based Meals

Original Ask

75 Lakhs for 6% Equity


50 Lakhs for 18% Equity and ₹ 25 Lakhs debt @12% interest

Invested By:

Vineeta Singh

At the core of SoupX's pitch was a commitment to promoting health and wellness through their carefully crafted soups and meals. Their offerings were made from high-quality, natural ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial additives, ensuring that every spoonful provided a wholesome and satisfying experience. SoupX aimed to empower individuals to make healthier food choices without compromising on taste or convenience, making it easier for them to embrace a nutritious lifestyle.

The Pitch:

SoupX entered the tank with a mission to redefine the way people perceive and consume soups by offering a range of wholesome and delicious options. Their idea revolved around providing customers with convenient access to nutritious soups and soup-based meals that catered to various dietary preferences and wellness goals. With an original ask of 75 Lakhs for 6% equity, SoupX sought investment to expand their product line, scale their production, and establish a strong brand presence in the health food market.

The Deal:

SoupX's pitch resonated strongly with Vineeta Singh, who recognized the potential of their business model and product offerings. She offered a deal of 50 Lakhs for 18% equity, along with an additional 25 Lakhs debt at 12% interest, providing SoupX with the necessary capital to fuel their growth and expansion plans. This partnership marked a significant milestone for SoupX, enabling them to accelerate their journey towards becoming a leading player in the healthy food market.

Investors Behind SoupX

Vineeta Singh: With the backing of Vineeta Singh, SoupX embarked on a journey of growth and innovation. The infusion of capital allowed them to diversify their product range, enhance their packaging and branding, and invest in marketing initiatives to reach a wider audience of health-conscious consumers. Armed with the support of an experienced investor, SoupX continued to serve up health and flavor in every bowl, inspiring individuals to nourish their bodies and souls with wholesome goodness.


SoupX's appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 2 showcased the power of food to promote health and well-being. Their successful pitch and subsequent deal underscored the growing demand for nutritious and convenient food options in today's fast-paced world. As they continued to grow and innovate under the guidance of Vineeta Singh, SoupX stood poised to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle, one spoonful at a time.

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