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Narendra Modi Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Family and Career

Narendra Modi Success Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Family, Age, Wife Name, Career, Income, Property, Decisions, Rules, Work.

Narendra Modi Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Family and Career

Narendra Modi Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Family and Career

He is the prime minister of India at the moment. He worked so hard to get this position. From childhood, he had an intense feeling of patriotism. We get additional insight into his journey via his story. Three of the six siblings' sons are named Modi.

Some highlights about his life:

  • Birth: He was born on 17th September 1950 in a small town called Vadnagar in Mehsana district, which was in Bombay but now is in Gujarat.
  • Qualification: He did his higher secondary education in Gujrat University. Though he was actively involved in a variety of activities, particularly theater and debate, his educators described him as an ordinary student. From childhood, he has taken a stand against injustice and loved to deliver speeches.
  • Marriage Life: Narendra Modi engaged a girl named Jashodaben at the age of 13 and got married at the age of 17. After a while, he broke the relationship due to financial expenses and left home. On the other hand, according to the Modi biographer, he never lived with the girl and left the home.

About his successful life:

Narendra Modi was a child when he started to help his father by serving tea at the railway station. He served tea on a train after school. He never skipped school even though he did a higher education. Starting from his childhood, Modi has always stood up for the right things.  loved to give speeches on the nation. He started work to complete his dream step by step.

In 1975, a More interesting thing was that he was selected for the RSS after his secondary school. He completed his higher education with the work. After some time, he worked full-time in RSS. Later, Modi was introduced to the BJP by RSS in 1985. He did his work in many positions, and he gave the best role in all. His seniors were very impressed by his work because he made the right decisions. It does not matter what people think.

In 2001, He was selected as the Chief Minister for Gujrat. A year later, there was a train incident, and many people think that Modi was responsible for that because of nearly 2000 deaths and many killed. In that case, a special team was hired by the Supreme Court of Gujrat to investigate the matter, but no evidence was found against Modi. He was the only person who won four times as a Chief Minister of Gujrat, which is the longest time ever who won continuously.

In 2014, Modi was chosen as the Prime Minister of India.  is the first party where he worked from 1984 to now. Even he is the current PM. Who won two times continuously with his work. Modi has done many works for India.

He visited many foreign countries and made a strong bond with them. Modi did a lot of work according to the rules and never broke the rules. He is the person who works for 18 hours during the day. It takes great care of his food and well-being. He encourages people to do hard work and inspires them to make their dreams come true when the person starts working on that.


What we learn from his life:

  • A person can complete his dreams when he starts to work on them and never takes shortcuts for that.
  • Study is not about marks, but it is for knowledge.
  • People must work with patience.
  • Always take a stand for the right thing.

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