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Karsanbhai Patel Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Nirma start-up, Income, Property, mixing-detergents, Family, Age, Wife Name, Career.

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karsanbhai patel Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Family and Career

karsanbhai patel Story - Bio, facts, Net Worth, Family and Career

The Nirma group was founded by Indian industrialist Karsanbhai, who has significant holdings in detergent powder, soaps, cosmetics, and Nirma University. He created a prestigious engineering institution and a prestigious pharmacy college because he is interested in education.

Some highlights about his life:

  • Bith: He was born in Mehasana, a tiny Gujarati village, on August 13, 1945. His family was a modest farming family when he was born. His parents instilled in him the qualities of integrity, hard work, and tenacity when he was growing up in a modest household.
  • Qualification: Karsanbhai Patel attended the University of Bombay in Maharashtra, India, to pursue a bachelor's degree in chemistry. He then graduated with a Master of Science in Chemistry from the same university.
  • Marriage Life: He got married with Madhuben Patel and the couple have two sons and one daughter.

About his successful life:

In 1969, Karsanbhai Patel subsequently began working for the State Government of Gujarat's Geology and Mining Department. He understands chemicals rather well. Karsanbhai Patel began by making and packaging detergents in a 10 by 12-foot room in his home. He then used his bicycle to sell handmade detergent powder door to door on his way to his 17-kilometer commute to work. During that period, the market for detergent powder and cake was minimized to the high-end segment and was controlled by multinational corporations (MNCs) such as Hindustan Lever and Procter & Gamble.

He was charging Rs 3 per kg for his detergent, one-third the price of competing brands. The detergent was a terrific deal due to its inexpensive cost and outstanding quality. With more established competitors like Procter & Gamble, Surf by Hindustan Lever, and other brands, his low-cost brand started a detergent battle.

Patel was successful in reaching the lower-middle class. It became successful right away. Three years later, Karsanbhai opened a store in Ahmedabad. In honor of his daughter Nirma, Patel named his detergent powder and detergent soap line Nirma. He lost Nirupama, his devoted daughter, in an automobile accident. The Nirma brand gained popularity fast in Gujarat and Maharashtra.The catchphrase "Washing Powder Nirma, Doodh Se Safedi Nirma Se Aayi, Sabki Pasand Nirma," which goes beyond lip service, had a profound effect on women's mindsets and was promoted by housewife-friendly commercial jingles.

Nirma completely changed the detergent industry by launching a brand-new market for powdered detergent that is phosphate-free and environmentally friendly. Nirma became India's best-selling detergent powder and cake in less than ten years. Nirma Group is one of the biggest producers of soda ash in the world, and it currently holds a 35% market share in detergents and a 20% market share in soap cakes. In 2017, Forbes said that he was worth US $3.9 billion.

Regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR), Karsanbhai Patel has a passion for education. He established the prestigious Nirma Institute of Technology, a top engineering college in Gujarat, and the prestigious Nirma Institute of Pharmacy, a top pharmacy college under the Nirma Education and Research Foundation's direction. The Nirma University of Science and Technology became the new umbrella organization for the entire system in 2003. Karsanbhain Patel started the Nirma Labs education project for entrepreneurs in 204 with the goal of preparing and nurturing budding business owners to successfully navigate the various obstacles that come with running a business.

Other trusts managed by Karsanbhai Patel include the Chanasma Ruppur Gram Vikas Trust, the Nirma Memorial Trust, and the Nirma Foundation. It also holds Nirma University.

Following the success of its low-cost detergent line, Nirma introduced a line of high-end items that included toothpaste, edible salt Shudh, Nirma bath, Nirma beauty soap, shampoo, and premium detergent Super Nirma. Not as successful were attempts to sell toothpaste and shampoo. Nirma beauty soap is a well-liked and top-performing soap in the Indian market, ranking behind Lux and Lifebuoy. Nirma is doing well with her edible salt Shudh. Additionally, Nirma has had success operating in nearby nations.

The sons of Karsanbhai, Hiren and Rakesh Patel, and their son-in-law, Kalpesh Patel, are currently holding prominent roles in the Nirma Group. Hiren Patel oversees marketing and finance as a chemical engineer with an MBA. Patel, Rakesh K. (MBA) handles logistics and purchasing, while Kalpesh Patel manages human resources for the healthcare company Nirlife Healthcare.

Founded in 1969, Nirma Group began as a door-to-door detergent seller with just one guy delivering his goods from one home to another. Today, the company employs over 14,000 people and generates over $500 million in revenue annually. Gautam Adani Karsanbhai Patel, chairman of Adani Group and promoter of Zydus Group, is the third industrialist from Ahmadabad to purchase a six-seater helicopter, following Pankaj Patel.

What we should learn from his life:

  • Prioritize the vision over the money.
  • No goal is too lofty if you have the will and perseverance to achieve it.

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