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Girgit Shark Tank India Season 2

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Girgit Shark Tank India Season 2 Got 20 Lakhs Funding in Exchange of 20% Equity by Namita Thapar.

Girgit Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 9 with company details


The first color-changing product store in India is called Girgit. They produce masks, watches, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, and other items of a like nature. In specific situations, such as entering a swimming pool or being in direct sunshine, their products undergo color changes. They cater to both adults and children with their products.

Founder of Girgit

In 2021, Pooja Bajaj Shah and her spouse Benoy Shah opened the Girgit shop. Pooja was employed by a reputable institution as a coordinator and teacher prior to founding Girgit. After getting married, she decided to take a sabbatical from teaching.

Girgit Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Colour Changing Apparels

Original Ask

20 Lakhs for 10% Equity


20 Lakhs for 20% Equity

Invested By:

Namita Thapar

At the core of Girgit's pitch was a blend of innovation, technology, and fashion. Their color-changing apparel aimed to not only capture attention but also spark curiosity and creativity among consumers. By combining cutting-edge textile technology with stylish designs, Girgit aimed to offer a unique and interactive clothing experience that would appeal to individuals of all ages and tastes.

The Pitch:

Girgit entered the tank with a vision to revolutionize the apparel industry by introducing color-changing fabrics and garments. Their idea was simple yet groundbreaking: to offer clothing that could change color in response to various stimuli such as temperature, light, or touch. With an original ask of 20 Lakhs for 10% equity, Girgit sought investment to further develop their technology, expand their product line, and establish a strong brand presence in the market.

The Deal:

Girgit's pitch resonated strongly with Namita Thapar, who recognized the potential of their disruptive technology in the fashion industry. She offered a deal of 20 Lakhs for 20% equity, providing Girgit with the necessary capital to scale their operations and bring their color-changing apparel to a wider audience. This partnership marked a significant milestone for Girgit, positioning them for rapid growth and success in the competitive fashion market.

Investors Behind Girgit

Namita Thapar: With the backing of Namita Thapar, Girgit embarked on a journey to redefine fashion with its innovative color-changing apparel. The infusion of capital allowed them to ramp up production, enhance their product offerings, and launch targeted marketing campaigns to build brand awareness. Armed with the support of an experienced investor, Girgit continued to push the boundaries of creativity and technology in the world of fashion.


Girgit's appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 3 exemplified the power of innovation to disrupt traditional industries and captivate consumers. Their successful pitch and subsequent deal underscored the growing demand for unique and interactive fashion experiences. As they continued to grow and innovate under the guidance of Namita Thapar, Girgit stood poised to leave a colorful mark on the fashion world, one garment at a time.

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