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Stage Shark Tank India Season 2

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Stage Shark Tank India Season 2 Got 1.5 Crores Funding in Exchange of 0.6% Equity with 1.5 crores in debt at 12% interest by Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta and Peyush bansal.

Stage Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 8 with company details


Stage is a cutting-edge over-the-top (OTT) platform that provides a large selection of entertainment content in regional languages that are spoken all over India. It is the first platform of its type, bringing together individuals from all around the nation via a passion for their distinctive dialects and cultures.

Founder of Stage

Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav, and Parveen Singhal launched the platform in 2019 with the goal of creating unique, hyperlocal content. Vinay Singhal co-founded WittyFeed, a viral website that amassed millions of page views and 2.5 billion ad impressions in just two years after its debut, prior to founding Stage.

Stage Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Vernacular OTT Platform

Original Ask

3 Crores for 1% Equity


1.5 Crores for 0.6% Equity and ₹ 1.5 Crores debt @12% interest

Invested By:

Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta and Peyush bansal

At the heart of Stage's pitch was a commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the digital entertainment space. Their platform aimed to empower content creators from across India to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience, regardless of language barriers. By curating and promoting vernacular content, Stage aimed to celebrate India's linguistic diversity and foster a sense of cultural pride among its users.

The Pitch:

Stage entered the tank with a bold vision to democratize access to digital entertainment by offering content in regional languages through their vernacular OTT platform. Their idea was to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of audiences across India, providing a platform where they could enjoy a wide range of movies, shows, and original content in their native language. With an original ask of 3 Crores for 1% equity, Stage sought investment to develop their platform, acquire content rights, and expand their user base.

The Deal:

Stage's pitch struck a chord with the Sharks, leading to a landmark deal that would reshape the landscape of digital entertainment in India. Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, and Peyush Bansal recognized the potential of Stage's platform and offered a deal of 1.5 Crores for 0.6% equity, coupled with a 1.5 Crores debt at 12% interest. This strategic partnership provided Stage with the necessary capital to accelerate their platform development, acquire premium content, and enhance their user experience.

Investors Behind Stage

Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta and Peyush bansal: With the backing of Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, and Peyush Bansal, Stage embarked on a mission to revolutionize regional content consumption in India. The infusion of capital enabled them to fast-track their platform development, forge partnerships with content creators and distributors, and implement targeted marketing strategies to attract users. Armed with the support of seasoned investors, Stage was well-positioned to become the go-to destination for vernacular entertainment in the digital age.


Stage's appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 3 showcased the power of technology and innovation to bridge cultural divides and empower diverse voices. Their successful pitch and transformative deal underscored the growing demand for vernacular content in India's digital landscape. As they continued to grow and expand under the guidance of their investors, Stage stood poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing how Indians consume entertainment, one language at a time.

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