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Blue Tea Shark Tank India Season 2

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Blue Tea Shark Tank India Season 2 Got 50 Lakhs Funding in Exchange of 3% Equity with 25 Lakhs in debt at 12% interest by Aman Gupta.

Blue Tea Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 81 with company details

Blue Tea

Since its founding in 2018, BLUE TEA has emerged as a dominant force in India’s herbal tea market. The company sells a variety of herbal teas, all of which are expertly made with the best Ayurvedic ingredients and customs. Their special mixes of spices and herbs provide several health advantages in addition to a great flavor.

Founder of Blue Tea

Blue Tea was founded by Nitish Singh, an MBA in rural management, and Sunil Chandra, an MBA in marketing.

Blue Tea Funding Round

Company Name

Blue Tea

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Blue Tea



Original Ask

75 Lakhs for 1% Equity


50 Lakhs for 3% Equity and ₹ 25 Lakhs Debt @ 12% Interest

Invested By:

Aman Gupta

Blue Tea's idea was simple yet impactful: to offer high-quality, artisanal teas that catered to the discerning tastes of tea connoisseurs. Their product range included a variety of premium teas, each carefully curated to deliver a delightful and memorable tea-drinking experience. From classic blends to innovative flavors, Blue Tea aimed to captivate customers with their unique offerings.

The Pitch:

Blue Tea, a company passionate about crafting exceptional teas, presented their proposition to the Sharks. With an original ask of 75 Lakhs for a 1% equity stake, they aimed to secure investment to fuel their expansion plans, enhance their product line, and strengthen their market presence.

The Deal:

Recognizing the potential of Blue Tea's offerings and the growth opportunities within the tea industry, investor Aman Gupta saw promise in their business model. After negotiations, they struck a deal wherein Aman Gupta agreed to invest 50 Lakhs in exchange for a 3% equity stake in the company. Additionally, Blue Tea secured a 25 Lakhs debt at 12% interest, providing them with the necessary capital to scale their operations and expand their product range.

Investors Behind Blue Tea

Aman Gupta: With Aman Gupta's investment and the additional capital infusion from the debt financing, Blue Tea can accelerate its growth trajectory. The funds will be utilized to ramp up production, enhance branding and marketing efforts, explore new distribution channels, and innovate in product development to stay ahead of competitors.


Blue Tea's success on Shark Tank underscores the demand for premium, quality-driven products in the tea industry. With Aman Gupta's support and the financial backing secured through the deal, Blue Tea is well-positioned to establish itself as a leading player in the market, delighting customers with its exquisite teas and carving a niche for itself in the competitive beverage landscape.

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