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The Rage Room Shark Tank India Season 3

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The Rage Room Shark Tank India Season 3 Got No Deal from the sharks.

The Rage Room Shark Tank India Season 3

Pitch no with company details

The Rage Room

A rage room, sometimes referred to as a smash room or an anger room, is a space where people go to let their fury out by smashing things. These rooms are rented out by businesses.

Founder of The Rage Room

The Rage Room was presented by Hyderabadi Suraj Pusarla on Shark Tank India with the intention of offering a place to decompress.

The Rage Room Funding Round

Company Name

The Rage Room

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



The Rage Room


stress-relief space

Original Ask

20 Lakhs for 30% equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the heart of The Rage Room's pitch was the recognition of the growing need for alternative methods of stress management and emotional release. Their concept provided a cathartic experience for individuals seeking relief from the pressures of daily life. By offering a safe and controlled space to express their emotions through physical activity, The Rage Room aimed to promote mental and emotional well-being while reducing stress and tension.

The Pitch:

The Rage Room entered the tank with a groundbreaking idea: to create a designated space where individuals could safely release their pent-up anger and frustration. Their concept offered a controlled environment filled with objects specifically designed for destruction, allowing participants to unleash their emotions through the act of breaking and smashing items. With an original ask of 20 Lakhs for 30% equity, The Rage Room sought investment to further develop and expand their stress-relief sanctuary.

The Deal:

Despite the appeal of their concept and its potential to address a common need in today's society, The Rage Room left the tank without securing a deal. While the Sharks acknowledged the therapeutic value of their idea, they expressed concerns about the scalability and long-term viability of the business model. Additionally, there were uncertainties surrounding the regulatory landscape and potential challenges in attracting and retaining customers.


While The Rage Room may not have found success in the tank, their presence on Shark Tank India highlighted the importance of innovative approaches to mental health and stress management. As they continue to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, The Rage Room remains committed to providing individuals with a safe and therapeutic space for releasing stress and finding inner peace.

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