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Cosmix Shark Tank India Season 3

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Cosmix Shark Tank India Season 3 Got 1 crore Funding in Exchange of 1% Equity with 1 % Royalty until 1 crore is Recouped by Namita Thapar.

Cosmix Shark Tank India Season 3

Pitch no with company details


Cosmix is a company that focuses on holistic health and makes plant-based mixes. Giving priority to holistic health is its main goal.

Founder of Cosmix

Soorya and Vibha, Cosmix’s founders,

Cosmix Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





prioritize Holistic Health

Original Ask

1 crore for 1% equity


1 crore for 1% equity + 1% Royalty until 1 crore is Recouped

Invested By:

Namita Thapar

At the heart of Cosmix's pitch was a recognition of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in achieving optimal health and well-being. Their holistic approach encompassed a diverse range of offerings, including nutritional supplements, mindfulness practices, personalized coaching, and community support. Cosmix aimed to empower individuals to take a proactive role in their health journey, embracing a holistic lifestyle that nourished every facet of their being.

The Pitch:

Cosmix entered the tank with a fervent commitment to promoting holistic health and wellness. Their idea centered around offering a comprehensive suite of products and services aimed at addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being. With an original ask of 1 crore for 1% equity, Cosmix sought investment to scale their operations and amplify their impact in the realm of holistic health.

The Deal:

Impressed by Cosmix's vision and the potential of their holistic health concept to transform lives, Namita Thapar saw an opportunity to support a brand with a mission to prioritize well-being in all its dimensions. She made a strategic offer of 1 crore for 1% equity, along with an additional 1% royalty until 1 crore is recouped, recognizing the value of Cosmix's approach and the impact it could have on individuals' lives.

Investors Behind Cosmix

Namita Thapar: Cosmix enthusiastically accepted the offer from Namita Thapar, marking a significant milestone in their journey to promote holistic health and wellness. With Namita Thapar's support and expertise, Cosmix was well-equipped to expand their offerings, reach more individuals seeking comprehensive well-being, and solidify their position as a leader in the holistic health space.


The success story of Cosmix exemplifies the power of a holistic approach to health and wellness in empowering individuals to live their best lives. As they continue to innovate and inspire, Cosmix is poised to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide, helping them cultivate a lifestyle that nourishes their mind, body, and spirit. With Namita Thapar as a strategic partner, Cosmix is set to lead the charge in prioritizing holistic health and transforming the way individuals approach wellness in the modern age.

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