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AdilQadri Perfumes Shark Tank India Season 3

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AdilQadri Perfumes Shark Tank India Season 3 Got 1 Crore Funding in Exchange of 1% Equity with 1% Royalty until 1 Crores is Recouped by Vineeta Singh.

AdilQadri Perfumes Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 2 with company details

AdilQadri Perfumes

Adil Qadri’s line of perfumes is renowned for its premium fragrances and exceptional quality.

Adil Qadri, who has a devoted following of customers who only use attars, has developed a new range of attars to suit modern lifestyles and expectations. These fragrances are appropriate for both formal and informal settings

Founder of AdilQadri Perfumes

Behind “Adil Qadri,” an indigenous premium perfume company, is Mohamadadil Asif Malkani, the company’s founder and CEO

AdilQadri Perfumes Funding Round

Company Name

AdilQadri Perfumes

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



AdilQadri Perfumes


Long-lasting effects and premium packaging

Original Ask

1 Crore for 0.5% equity


1 Crore for 1% equity + 1% Royalty until 1 Crores is Recouped

Invested By:

Vineeta Singh

At the heart of AdilQadri Perfumes' pitch lay a passion for creating fragrances that leave a lasting impression. Their perfumes were meticulously crafted using premium ingredients and innovative techniques to ensure longevity and potency. Additionally, AdilQadri Perfumes prioritized the presentation of their products, with attention to detail in their packaging designs to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication. By combining quality ingredients with elegant packaging, AdilQadri Perfumes aimed to redefine the fragrance experience for consumers.

The Pitch:

AdilQadri Perfumes entered the tank with a luxurious proposition: to offer consumers fragrances with long-lasting effects and premium packaging. Their pitch highlighted the importance of scent as a form of personal expression and emphasized their commitment to quality and innovation. With a dedication to crafting unforgettable olfactory experiences, AdilQadri Perfumes aimed to captivate the Sharks and secure the investment needed to expand their product line and elevate their brand. Their original ask of 1 Crore for a 0.5% equity stake showcased their confidence in the value of their brand and its potential for growth.

The Deal:

Impressed by AdilQadri Perfumes' commitment to excellence and the potential of their products to captivate consumers, Vineeta Singh saw an opportunity to support a brand poised for success. She offered 1 Crore for a 1% equity stake, along with an additional 1% royalty until 1 Crore is recouped. This strategic partnership would not only provide the investment needed for expansion but also incentivize continued innovation and growth.

Investors Behind AdilQadri Perfumes

Vineeta Singh: AdilQadri Perfumes enthusiastically accepted the offer from Vineeta Singh, marking a significant milestone in their journey to redefine the fragrance industry. With the backing of a strategic investor who shares their vision for excellence, AdilQadri Perfumes was well-positioned to expand their product line, reach new markets, and enchant consumers with their luxurious scents and packaging


The success of AdilQadri Perfumes on Shark Tank India Season 3 underscores the enduring appeal of quality and sophistication in the fragrance industry. By prioritizing long-lasting effects and premium packaging, AdilQadri Perfumes is setting a new standard for olfactory excellence. With Vineeta Singh's support and guidance, AdilQadri Perfumes is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of fragrances, captivating consumers with their unforgettable scents and elevating the art of perfumery to new heights.

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