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Unstop Shark Tank India Season 2

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Unstop Shark Tank India Season 2 Got 2 Crores Funding in Exchange of 4% Equity by Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta and Amit Jain.

Unstop Shark Tank India Season 2

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Unstop is the premier student community for all things related to a student’s journey, including contests, tests, hackathons, internships, and scholarships. Through its Engagement & Hiring Platform. Unstop assists students in gaining the knowledge and experience necessary for success while bridging the skills gap between bright individuals and suitable businesses. Employers, on the other side, use Unstop to Find, Engage, Evaluate, and Hire the Best Candidates.

Founder of Unstop

Ankit Aggarwal, a software entrepreneur headquartered in Delhi, founded Unstop, an early talent engagement and student hiring platform.

Unstop Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Career Building

Original Ask

1 Crores for 1% Equity


2 Crores for 4% Equity

Invested By:

Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta and Amit Jain

Unstop's idea centered around leveraging technology and personalized guidance to empower individuals in their career journeys. Through their platform, they aimed to provide tailored resources, mentorship opportunities, skill development programs, and job placement assistance to help users navigate the complexities of the modern job market and achieve their career goals.

The Pitch:

Unstop entered the tank with a vision to transform career development by offering innovative solutions to help individuals unlock their full potential. With an original ask of 1 Crore for a 1% equity stake, they sought investment to fuel their expansion plans, enhance their technology platform, and broaden their reach to a wider audience.

The Deal:

Impressed by the potential of Unstop's innovative approach, investors Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, and Amit Jain collectively agreed to invest 2 Crores in exchange for a 4% equity stake in the company. This significant investment infusion provided Unstop with the necessary capital to further develop their platform, expand their user base, and solidify their position as a leading player in the career-building space.

Investors Behind Unstop

Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta and Amit Jain: With the backing of seasoned investors, unstop can accelerate its growth trajectory and continue to innovate in the field of career development. The additional funding will enable them to enhance their technology infrastructure, introduce new features and services, and forge strategic partnerships to maximize their impact on users' professional lives.


Unstop's success on Shark Tank highlights the growing demand for innovative solutions in the career-building sector. By leveraging technology, personalized guidance, and strategic partnerships, they are well-positioned to empower individuals to achieve success in their professional endeavors and unlock new opportunities for growth and advancement.

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