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PNT Robotics Shark Tank India Season 1

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PNT Robotics Shark Tank India Season 1 Got 25 Lakhs Funding in Exchange of 25% and 25 Lakhs in debt Equity Peyush Bansal.

PNT Robotics Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 44 with company details

PNT Robotics

PNT Robotics develops and designs autonomous solutions for restaurants, the hospitality industry, etc. by utilizing cutting-edge, innovative technologies such as IoT, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics.

Founder of PNT Robotics

The 24-year-old engineers Ashis Patil and Pratik Tirodhkar formed PNT Robotics and Automation Solutions. Ashis Patil is an expert in artificial intelligence, while Pratik Tirodhkar is an instrumentation engineer. IoT, robotics, AI, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies are the company’s areas of expertise.

PNT Robotics Funding Round

Company Name

PNT Robotics

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



PNT Robotics


Robotics and Automation Solutions

Original Ask

50 lakhs for 4% equity


25 lakhs for 25% equity and ₹25 lakhs debt

Invested By:

Peyush Bansal

At the heart of PNT Robotics' pitch lay a commitment to harnessing the power of robotics and automation to solve real-world challenges. Their idea revolved around leveraging cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, to develop customized solutions that optimized processes, increased efficiency, and drove innovation across industries. By partnering with clients to understand their unique requirements and challenges, PNT Robotics aimed to deliver bespoke automation solutions that delivered tangible results and fostered long-term partnerships.

The Pitch:

PNT Robotics entered the tank with a bold vision to transform industries through robotics and automation solutions. Their pitch emphasized the growing demand for efficient and cost-effective automation technologies in various sectors, from manufacturing to logistics. PNT Robotics aimed to address these needs by offering state-of-the-art robotic systems and automation solutions that could streamline processes, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. With a commitment to innovation and technological excellence, PNT Robotics sought to secure the investment needed to further develop their products and expand their market reach.

The Deal:

Impressed by PNT Robotics' innovative approach to robotics and automation and the potential of their solutions to disrupt traditional industries, Peyush Bansal saw an opportunity to invest in a venture with significant growth potential. He offered 25 lakhs for a 25% equity stake, along with an additional 25 lakhs in debt financing to support PNT Robotics' expansion efforts. This strategic investment not only provided PNT Robotics with the capital needed to scale their operations but also brought on board an investor with a deep understanding of technology and a proven track record of success in the startup ecosystem.

Investors Behind PNT Robotics

Peyush Bansal: PNT Robotics enthusiastically accepted Peyush Bansal's offer, marking a significant milestone in their journey to pioneer robotics and automation solutions. With the backing of a strategic investor who shared their vision for innovation and progress, PNT Robotics was well-positioned to accelerate their growth and make a lasting impact on industries worldwide.


The success of PNT Robotics on Shark Tank India Season 1 underscores the importance of innovation and technological advancement in driving progress and efficiency across industries. By offering cutting-edge robotics and automation solutions, PNT Robotics is poised to revolutionize traditional industries and pave the way for a future powered by automation. With the support of Peyush Bansal, PNT Robotics is well-equipped to scale their operations and lead the charge towards a more automated and efficient world.

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