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Flhexible Shark Tank India Season 2

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Flhexible Shark Tank India Season 2 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Flhexible Shark Tank India Season 2

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Founder of MyByk

The core of Flhexible is social virtue. It is a subbrand of Hexpressions, a product service innovation that uses composite paper honeycomb panels to work toward green construction techniques. At Flhexible, we strive for sustainability through the handcrafted flatpack premium furniture & accessories made from recycled paper, as well as our modular, eco-friendly, foldable, and ready-to-assemble paper honeycomb furniture.


Two youthful and passionate designers and architects, Shilpi Dua and Abhimanyu Singh, are co-founders.

Flhexible Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





Paper Furniture

Original Ask

50 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the core of Flhexible's pitch was a passion for sustainability and innovation. Their brand aimed to address the environmental challenges posed by traditional furniture manufacturing methods by offering eco-friendly alternatives that were both lightweight and durable. From chairs and tables to shelves and storage units, Flhexible's paper furniture was designed to be versatile, affordable, and environmentally conscious, catering to the needs of modern consumers who prioritize sustainability.

The Pitch:

Flhexible entered the tank with a revolutionary idea to transform the way we think about furniture. Their concept revolved around offering customers a range of stylish and functional furniture pieces made entirely from paper-based materials. With an original ask of 50 Lakhs for 7.5% equity, Flhexible sought investment to scale up production, expand their product line, and promote sustainability in the furniture market.

The Deal:

Despite their compelling pitch, Flhexible did not secure a deal on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 27. However, their appearance on the show raised awareness about the importance of sustainability in the furniture industry and sparked important conversations about innovative materials and manufacturing processes. While the Sharks may have passed on the opportunity, Flhexible remains committed to their mission of promoting eco-friendly solutions and inspiring others to embrace sustainable living.


Flhexible's appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 27 highlighted the potential of innovative materials and design concepts to revolutionize the furniture industry. As they continue to push the boundaries of sustainability and inspire others to rethink the way we create and consume furniture, Flhexible serves as a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship in the modern world.

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