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MakeMyTrip-success-story- Bio, facts, Net worth, Business, Income, Growth, Investments, Challenges Faced. Personal life.

MakeMyTrip-success-story- Bio, facts, Net worth, Business, Income, Growth, Investments, Challenges Faced. Personal life.

MakeMyTrip-success-story- Bio, facts, Net worth, Business, Income, Growth, Investments, Challenges Faced. Personal life.

MakeMyTrip-success-story- Bio, facts, Net worth, Business, Income, Growth, Investments, Challenges Faced. Personal life.

More Indians than ever before are using the Internet to book hotels and tickets. The convenience of being able to arrange a trip from the comforts of your home is unmatched. To make the most of the offer, you can examine and contrast the pricing. MakeMyTrip is a significant player in the Indian internet travel market. Millions of Indians have been using MakeMyTrip since 2000 to purchase vacation packages, reserve hotel rooms, and purchase tickets for buses, trains, and airplanes.

One of the most well-known and trustworthy Indian travel agencies, MakeMyTrip was established in 2000 and has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. It assists the Indian populace in obtaining online travel services, such as bookings for hotels, trains, buses, and airline tickets, as well as domestic and international vacation packages.

The founders and team of MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip was co-founded by Deep Kalra, Keyur Joshi, Rajesh Magow, and Sachin Bhatia.

Deep Kalra

Deep Kalra, the creator of MakeMyTrip, grew up in Hyderabad, studied economics at St. Stephen's College in Delhi, and earned an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 1992. After three years, he left ABN AMRO to work at GE Capital in business development. He previously assisted AMF Bowling in introducing bowling alleys to India. Kalra brought innovative internet services to the Indian travel industry when it launched MakeMyTrip in 2000.

Deep Kalra led MakeMyTrip as CEO from the company's founding until its August 2010 NASDAQ IPO. Between August 2013 to February 2020, Kalra served as the CEO of the Group. To resume his duties as executive chairman of the MakeMyTrip board, Deep Kalra resigned from his position as Group CEO in February 2020. Rajesh Magow, the co-founder and current Group CEO, assumed the role.

In addition, Kalra is the Internet and Mobile Association of India's vice chairperson. He is a member of Ashoka University's governing committee and one of its founders. In addition, he founded the non-governmental organization "I am Gurgaon".

Rajesh Magow

Currently serving as the global CEO of MakeMyTrip is co-founder Rajesh Magow. Magow is an Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants graduate. As the Regional Head-ACE North for Aptech Ltd., he started his career there. He then became CFO and Head of Financial Services at Ebookers, and then he became co-founder, CFO, and COO of MakeMyTrip. Within the company, Magow has had a variety of senior roles, such as Group CEO, COO, and CFO.

Keyur Joshi

In addition to being a co-founder of MakeMyTrip, Keyur Joshi also serves as the company's strategic advisor and chief operating officer (COO). In addition, he is a co-founder ship with Wildlife Luxuries (I) Pvt. Ltd. Joshi was a major factor in the Indian online travel market's explosive growth.

Before founding MakeMyTrip, Joshi worked for Tata Motors, where he oversaw the product management and market research divisions, and Around the World Travel, which is now JustFares.com. Keyur graduated from Gujarat University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. Once more, an MBA from the City University of New York in New York came after this. Joshi has his pilot's license as well!

The MakeMyTrip original team remains intact, except for Sachin Bhatia, who quit as the company's co-founder and chief marketing officer. Based on the number of workers, MakeMyTrip is thought to be a 1,001–5,000-person corporation.


The travel and tourism industry is growing favorably, according to Statista data. Anticipations for 2023 point to a robust and auspicious future with a noteworthy revenue of US $19.86 billion. With a predicted value of US $31.45 billion by 2027, the anticipated yearly growth rate between 2023 and 2027 is an exceptional Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 12.18%. These numbers demonstrate the industry's strength and show that it is on the rise, suggesting that the travel and tourism sector has enormous potential for steady growth and a wealth of opportunities in the future.


Ibibo, Quest2travel.com India Pvt. Ltd., Hotel Travel Ltd., Easy to Book Holding B.V., ITC Group, Luxury Tours & Travel Pte Limited, Travis Internet Private Limited, MakeMyTrip (India) Private Limited, and Makemytrip.com Inc. are all subsidiaries of MakeMyTrip.

MakeMyTrip: An Initiation Tale

Deep Kalra, the creator of MakeMyTrip, has an entrepreneurial drive that gave rise to the company. At first, Kalra worked as an experienced banker at ABN AMRO Bank, but she had the desire to venture out and experience something different from the routine of corporate life. He looked for challenges outside of the boundaries of a standard job after working in the banking industry for three years. His pursuit of bringing bowling alleys to India led him to become a member of AMF Bowling. Even after this endeavor failed and Kalra had difficulties raising money, his resolve to manage his own company did not waver.

Relentlessly overcoming obstacles, Kalra eventually ended up at GE Capital, where he learned a great deal about the potential of the Internet. His successful online sale of his wife's car gave rise to the conviction that the internet could serve as a potent platform for his business ambitions. Realizing how many opportunities there were, he left GE Capital and started his own online company.

The pivotal moment for MakeMyTrip transpired during Kalra's investigation into the travel industry. Seeing the difficulties Indians were having in queue at ticket counters, he came up with a plan to allow Indians to purchase tickets online. This realization strengthened the basis of MakeMyTrip. When organizing a trip to Thailand, Kalra noticed how much direct online reservations might save costs and decided to do away with middlemen. This resulted in the official launch of MakeMyTrip in 2000. The portal launched a revolutionary journey in the Internet travel business by offering low prices and streamlining ticket purchasing.

The goals and objectives of MakeMyTrip

"Providing customers with a one-stop-shop for all their travel needs" is the stated aim of MakeMyTrip. With "superior booking experience across all channels, in-journey 24x7 live customer support," and "effective planning resources," it makes sure that users get the most out of their entire trip.

Name, Tagline, and Logo of MakeMyTrip

"Dil toh roaming hai" is MakeMyTrip's tagline, which the firm revealed in April 2017.

MakeMyTrip: Services and Goods

Established in 2000, MakeMyTrip Limited is an online travel firm based in India. Its services include booking flights, hotels, and other lodging, organizing and packing holidays, rail and intercity bus tickets, automobile rentals, and other travel-related needs including making it easier to obtain third-party travel insurance and processing visas.

Thanks to its constant innovation culture and "customer first" strategic focus, the company leads the Indian travel industry. As a result, it might help hotels and other mostly physical establishments swiftly create an online presence.

MakeMyTrip has a large workforce of data scientists working for them. It heavily utilizes chatbots; Gia for Goibibo and Myra for MakeMyTrip. These chatbots typically assist with post-sale inquiries.

MakeMyTrip: Expansion

Since its founding at the beginning of the new millennium, MakeMyTrip has completely changed how people book and travel, making the process quick, simple, and hassle-free for everyone in the nation—not just its clients. Among the company's key growth insights are:

146 active franchisees of MakeMyTrip were operating in more than 100 cities as of June 2023.

Through hotels, it has reached 2,000 cities.

Additionally, it maintains offices abroad in Singapore, Phuket, New York, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Istanbul.

According to its website, MakeMyTrip has 68 million+ monthly active users and 69 million+ lifetime transactional users.

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