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La Kheer Deli Shark Tank India Season 1

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La Kheer Deli Shark Tank India Season 1 Got No Deal from the sharks.

La Kheer Deli Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 21 with company details

La Kheer Deli

In May 2017, La Kheer Deli made its debut as a flagship brand. Currently, they offer fresh gourmet kheer delivery around Pune. When LKD first opened, it was a dessert business open exclusively on the weekends, Friday through Sunday. Its menu prices range from Rs 79 (dry fruit kheer) to Rs 119 (blackcurrant kheer). Seasonal kheers, such strawberry in winter and mango in summer, are available for Rs 199 for a 175-gram cup. At its central kitchen, LKD makes kheer in batches to ensure uniformity. It’s also accessible on Swiggy and Zomato.

Founder of La Kheer Deli

La Kheer Deli was founded by Shivang Sood.

La Kheer Deli Funding Round

Company Name

La Kheer Deli

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



La Kheer Deli


Kheer in variety of flavors

Original Ask

50 lakhs for 7.5% equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the heart of La Kheer Deli's pitch was a commitment to reimagining a beloved dessert for modern palates. Their range of kheer flavors spanned from classic favorites like saffron and cardamom to more unconventional options like chocolate and mango. La Kheer Deli aimed to appeal to a wide audience of dessert enthusiasts and showcase the versatility of kheer as a dessert option for any occasion.

The Pitch:

La Kheer Deli entered the tank with a mouthwatering proposition: to offer kheer lovers a delightful array of flavors beyond the traditional rice pudding. Their pitch highlighted the versatility of kheer as a dessert and the potential for innovation in flavor combinations. With an original ask of 50 lakhs for a 7.5% equity stake, La Kheer Deli aimed to capture the Sharks' interest and secure the investment needed to expand their business.

The Deal:

Despite the enticing proposition and delicious flavors presented by La Kheer Deli, the Sharks ultimately decided not to invest at that time, resulting in a "No Deal" outcome. While the Sharks may have recognized the potential of La Kheer Deli's concept, they may have had concerns about scalability, market demand, or other factors influencing their decision.


La Kheer Deli's appearance on Shark Tank India highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in the food industry. Despite the setback of not securing an investment on the show, La Kheer Deli's dedication to culinary innovation and creativity remained unwavering. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance, passion, and resilience in the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams, and their delicious kheer creations continue to delight taste buds across the nation.

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