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Agri Tourism Shark Tank India Season 1

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Agri Tourism Shark Tank India Season 1 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Agri Tourism

Pitch no 6 with company details

Agri Tourism

Agritourism has a very basic notion. In return, the farmer maintains farm and home hygiene, greets new tourists, sells them his farm produce at a better price, and makes a living all year round. Urban tourists visit the farmer’s house, stay like a farmer, participate in farming activities, experience the bullock cart, take tractor rides, eat authentic food, dress traditionally, and learn about the local way of life. This produced a win-win scenario for the government as well as the farmers and tourists.

Founder of Agri Tourism

An immersive tourism experience in agriculture is provided by the innovative startup Agri Tourism. Based in Maharashtra and founded by Pandurang Taware in 2003, this startup has a 40 crores rupee net value. It establishes a direct connection between visitors and farmers, resulting in a win-win situation.

Agri Tourism Funding Round

Company Name

Agri Tourism

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Agri Tourism


Rural Tourism

Original Ask

50 lakhs for 5% Equity


No Deal

Invested By:


While the lack of a deal on Shark Tank India may have been disappointing, the founders of Agri Tourism approached the setback with resilience and determination. They understood that entrepreneurship was a journey filled with highs and lows, and remained steadfast in their commitment to their vision.

The Pitch:

With passion and conviction, the founders of Agri Tourism painted a vivid picture of their vision for rural tourism on Shark Tank India. They highlighted the untapped potential of India's agrarian regions as vibrant tourist destinations and outlined their plans to curate authentic experiences for travelers seeking meaningful connections with nature and culture.

The Deal:

Despite their compelling pitch, the sharks ultimately decided not to invest, expressing concerns about scalability and market saturation.


The story of Agri Tourism on Shark Tank India is a testament to the spirit of exploration, innovation, and resilience that defines entrepreneurship. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, the founders remain undeterred in their quest to showcase the beauty and diversity of rural India. As they continue to chart their course forward, Agri Tourism serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding us that the journey itself is often as enriching as the destination.

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