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Shrawani Engineers Shark Tank India Season 1

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Shrawani Engineers Shark Tank India Season 1 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Shrawani Engineers Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 15 with company details

Shrawani Engineers

Shrawani Engineers is a company situated in Nagpur that produces fitness-related items. Their Navel Sakuru belly button shaper aids in giving consumers a round tummy. This is intended for individuals who are 11–18 years old, 18–30 years old, and older than 30. Depending on their age, Sakuru and Fukai can be chosen in the proper size.

Founder of Shrawani Engineers

Jayshree is employed with Shrawani Engineers as a Co-Founder.

Shrawani Engineers Funding Round

Company Name

Shrawani Engineers

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Shrawani Engineers


Belly Button Shaper

Original Ask

10 lakhs for 20% equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the core of Shrawani Engineers' pitch was a commitment to empowering individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Their Belly Button Shaper promised to sculpt and shape the belly button area, providing a subtle yet effective enhancement to one's physique. With a focus on innovation and quality, Shrawani Engineers sought to offer consumers a safe and reliable solution for enhancing their body confidence.

The Pitch:

Shrawani Engineers entered the tank with an intriguing proposition: a Belly Button Shaper designed to enhance body confidence and promote a positive self-image. With an original ask of ₹10 lakhs for a 20% equity stake, Shrawani Engineers aimed to tap into the growing market of beauty and wellness products targeting individuals seeking to improve their appearance.

The Deal:

Despite the novelty of their product, Shrawani Engineers left the tank without securing a deal. While the Sharks acknowledged the potential appeal of their Belly Button Shaper, they ultimately decided to pass on the investment opportunity for various reasons, ranging from concerns about market demand and competition to uncertainties about the effectiveness and safety of the product.


While Shrawani Engineers may not have walked away from Shark Tank India with a deal, their presence on the show served as a reminder of the importance of body confidence and self-acceptance. As they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, Shrawani Engineers remains committed to their mission of helping individuals feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies, one innovative product at a time.

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