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PMV Shark Tank India Season 2

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PMV Shark Tank India Season 2 Got No Deal from the sharks.

PMV Shark Tank India Season 2

Pitch no 56 with company details


Mr. Kalpit Patel launched PMV Electric, an EV startup located in Mumbai, with the goal of creating India’s First Fully Electric Smart Microcar designed for daily use. Numerous premium features, including remote parking assistance, feet-free driving in traffic, cruise control, and many more, will be included with the EAS-E®. Ecofriendly and Sustainable Electric, or EaS-E, is designed to be your daily driver.

Founder of PMV

Mr. Kalpit Patel launched PMV Electric, an EV startup located in Mumbai, with the goal of creating India’s first fully electric smart microcar designed for daily use.

PMV Funding Round

Company Name


Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No





2-seater fully electric smart micro-car

Original Ask

1 Crore for 1% Equity


No Deal

Invested By:


PMV's micro-car represented a significant advancement in the field of electric mobility. Designed to navigate narrow city streets and congested traffic with ease, the PMV offered commuters a convenient and practical transportation solution. Its compact size, coupled with advanced features such as autonomous driving capabilities and integrated connectivity, made it an appealing choice for urban dwellers seeking an efficient and sustainable mode of transport.

The Pitch:

PMV's pitch centered around addressing the pressing need for sustainable, eco-friendly transportation solutions in densely populated urban areas. With its compact design and electric propulsion system, the PMV micro-car offered an efficient and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Priced at 1 Crore for 1% equity, PMV sought investment to scale up production, enhance technology integration, and expand its market reach.

The Deal:

Despite PMV's innovative concept and promising potential, the Sharks opted not to invest in the company. While the idea of electric micro-cars garnered interest, concerns regarding market readiness, scalability, and competitive positioning may have influenced the Sharks' decision. Nevertheless, PMV's appearance on Shark Tank provided valuable exposure and feedback, paving the way for future growth and development.


PMV's journey on Shark Tank India exemplifies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship driving India's electric mobility revolution. While the road to success may have its obstacles, PMV's vision for smarter, cleaner urban transportation continues to inspire change and push the boundaries of possibility. As the world embraces sustainable mobility solutions, PMV stands ready to lead the charge towards a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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