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Guardian Gears Shark Tank India Season 1

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Guardian Gears Shark Tank India Season 1 Got No Deal from the sharks.

Guardian Gears Shark Tank India Season 1

Pitch no 74 with company details

Guardian Gears

Established in 2018, Guardian Gears is a Secunderabad-based company that sells luggage accessories for motorcyclists. In addition, they have three years of expertise in this field. To expand their product line, they have incorporated a lot of feedback from both motorcyclists and bikers. Backpacks, saddlebags, thigh bags, tank pouches, and tail bags are among the products they sell. In addition, they sell add-ons like rain coverings, additional fastening straps, and dry bags.

Founder of Guardian Gears

Guardians Gears was founded by the duo Tasneem and Ismail Badri. Their company is situated in Telangana’s Secunderabad.

Guardian Gears Funding Round

Company Name

Guardian Gears

Shark Tank India Season


Episode No


Season No



Guardian Gears


Motorcycle Luggage

Original Ask

30 lakhs 5% Equity


No Deal

Invested By:


At the core of Guardian Gears' pitch was a commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by motorcycle travelers. Their luggage solutions were meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of long-distance rides, while also providing convenient access to essentials such as gear, clothing, and electronics. Guardian Gears aimed to become the go-to choose for riders seeking reliable, stylish, and functional luggage options for their adventures on two wheels.

The Pitch:

Guardian Gears rode into the tank with a mission to enhance motorcycle travel experiences with its cutting-edge luggage solutions. Their product line featured a range of durable and versatile luggage options specifically designed for motorcycle riders, offering ample storage space, weather resistance, and ergonomic design. With an original ask of 30 lakhs for a 5% equity stake, Guardian Gears aimed to attract investors who shared their passion for adventure and innovation.

The Deal:

Despite their promising pitch and innovative product offerings, Guardian Gears ultimately left the tank without a deal. While the Sharks acknowledged the potential of the brand and the growing popularity of motorcycle travel, they may have had concerns about market saturation, competition, or the scalability of the business. However, the experience served as a valuable opportunity for Guardian Gears to refine their strategy and strengthen their position in the motorcycle luggage market.


The journey of Guardian Gears on Shark Tank India Season 1, Episode 23, underscores the challenges and uncertainties that entrepreneurs often face on their quest for success. While the brand may not have secured a deal in the tank, their passion for adventure and commitment to innovation are sure to drive them forward in their pursuit of excellence. With valuable insights gained from their experience on the show, Guardian Gears is poised to continue safeguarding motorcycle adventures and inspiring riders to explore the open road with confidence and style.

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